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Tube ReeF - DEPTH: 3ft-40 ft

Stunning coral reef known for variety of sponges, especially yellow tube sponges. This is where it all begins, Confined Water, Discover Scuba, Open Water Dive 1, Checkout Dives, Discover Local Diving, pretty much everyone’s first dive with SALT happens here. All certification levels are welcome to dive here.

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ToucrI CAVES - DEPTH 20FT-100ft+

This site is like 3 sites in one. There is a beautiful grassy corridor that takes divers through the shallow reef section of Caves. Then you get to the wall, a slope from about 58ft down to the sandy bottom at 80ft which divers can follow west to reach depths of 100ft or deeper, we call this section Barracuda Reef for the large schools of Barracuda that can be found here. There are a few ways our Divemasters navigate the site depending on the skill and experience level of the individual divers. Once back up in the shallow reef there is the swim-through pictured above on the right, and an arch that qualified divers are invited to pass through. Jr Open Water Divers and Above are welcome to join us for the shallow parts of Toucari Caves. Open Water Divers can access the full site, and Advanced & Deep Divers are welcome to explore the deeper side of Barracuda Reef.

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NADINE 65ft-80ft

The nadine is a wreck sunk by our divemaster Donna’s FATHER. She rests in about 70ft of water on a grassy bottom just off the slope of another site. She has a lot of sponge and coral growth and plenty of fish call her home! She is one of our favorite wrecks of the north due to her location, growth and the story behind her sinking! This site generally requires a free descent into approximately 60-80ft of water - Divers Must Hold ADvanced Diver Certification or EQUIVALENT, this dive also requires a boat hire.

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Located on the northern edge of Douglas Bay, just like the name says it is literally a GIANT bolder that fell off the cliffside, dropped to the seafloor and split down the middle. Divers can see Split Rock before you even drop in since it’s top lies just a few feet from the water’s surface. The rock is definitely a sight to behold but the rest of the site is simply stunning, grassy bottom with outcroppings of coral all over, prime area for turtle, eagle ray, and queen triggerfish sightings. All certification levels from JR Open Water Diver can join us at Split Rock. A Boat Hire is required to access this site.


This site lies between Tube Reef and Split Rock - it is literally the back wall of the Peninsula between Toucari & Douglas Bay. The sheer rock wall meets the sandy bottom at 30ft on the toucari Side, and slips down into the abyss, but if divers stay close to the wall incredible boulders, crags and incredible corals, sponges and multitudes of fish. Sometimes a current is present and this becomes a single direction drift dive, other times it is perfectly calm and divers can make there way from one end to the other and back during a 45min-hour long dive. All certification levels are invited to dive the back wall, though a checkout dive at tube reef is required for all JR or new divers as buoyancy control is important on any wall dive! This site can be done as a shore dive or boat dive.

DAYCARE DEPTH 10ft - 25ft

This shallow shore site at Douglas Bay’s Bell Hall Beach shouldn’t be discounted. It’s stunning coral structure shaped like a broken infinity symbol will have you blowing bubbles on extra long dives making loops around the site through large schools of juvenile fish. There is a large southern stingray who calls this reef home and can usually be found resting under the sand and a rocky overhang. This is a great site for all certification dives, especially Jr Open Water Divers or newly certified divers!

DOUGLAS BAY DEEP 35ft - 90ft

This site can be accessed by shore or boat (swim from shore can take 10min or longer, swim back is usually done underwater on scuba). The sea floor turns from grass to scattered reef at about 35ft where we make our free descent to the site. It can be navigated a multitude of ways, great for exploration and lionfish hunting. A certain level of physical fitness is required to do this dive as a shore dive, if you get easily winded we request a boat hire to access this dive site.