Q: Which certification do I need if i want to dive all over the world?

A: The PADI Open Water Scuba Diver Certification is the most popular basic certification worldwide. It allows you to dive according to local rules and customs as a ‘certified diver’. You will be able to dive to 60 ft upon certification, in some places you will be allowed to rent gear, book spots on dive boats, dive trips & dive with a buddy without direct professional supervision.

Q: I’m A certified Diver, Can I just rent tank/weights (equipment) and dive with my buddy?

A: No. Dominica watersports laws require all scuba divers certified or not to dive with a locally registered dive operation and their staff. All our dives and courses are customized to your certification level and experience, you will be happy to have our knowledgable and professional team shows you around our sites, and point out all the cool features you might be interested in.

Q: I’ve never done a shore dive, what is involved?

A: Shore diving in Dominica can’t be generalized, it can be sandy or rocky, some of our surface swims are very short 0-2 minutes, some are up to 15 minutes, some sites require a free descent, others have moorings or other markers with lines. Your Instructor / Divemaster will give you a proper briefing specific to the site you are diving in regards to methods of entry, swim and reentry. Though we swim out to most of our shore sites, we generally ‘dive in’ getting as close to shore as possible before ascending.

Q: I can’t see my cart from my phone where did it go?

A: Turn your phone horizontally and you should see it in the upper right corner- we are unsure why some phones format our site this way and are working on fixing it