Make the most of your dives

Have you ever wondered how you could do more with your dives? Don’t get me wrong I love a good ‘fun dive’ just getting out there beneath the waves is a treasure of it’s own. Maybe you have ALL the specialty certifications already (though I doubt it) but you are looking for something else…

We offer 4 marine conservation dives that will allow you to enjoy our beautiful reefs and creatures, while collecting valuable data about our fish populations, coral reef health, invasive species and of course marine debris.

Collecting Data might not sound like fun on land but underwater collecting data can mean a treasure hunt, practicing fish identification, color matching, and even actual hunting/fishing.

What dives are these?

Dive Against Debris - identifying, removing and reporting marine debris to project aware

Coral Watch - Coral Health Survey - identifying and color matching coral tissue and reporting to University of Queensland

Invasive Species Survey & Lionfish Hunt - Learn to identify and count lionfish populations and learn to control local populations through lionfish hunts!

Fish Population Survey - Part Fish ID Dive, part survey - this can be added to any Fish ID specialty Course or Adventure Dive!

Ask us how you can participate in these fun dives and be a part of a world wide web of conservation divers making the most of their dives!