Rethink your relationship with Plastic

A few days ago during our dive one of our divers found some laminate flooring, we wondered where it came from. Yesterday I was doing my weekly beach cleaning at Toucari Bay and I found this pile.

laminate flooring.jpg

People assume because they throw something "away" it no longer exists. But it does exist long after their original owner in many cases, usually in our landfills, waterways and coastal areas, like this huge pile of plastic composite flooring, removed from a house in our village undergoing a complete gutting/ renovation.

We are trying to stop human trash from entering our waterways so we can stop diving against debris. What a world it would be if there was no trash to pick up from our dive sites and beaches!

There are bigger goals than just cleaning up trash. Goals like; proper waste management by local authorities, boycotting companies using plastics who could be using reusable packaging like glass, metal, paper or wood and choosing to be a better consumer by refusing items who's actual lifespan is longer than the "useful lifespan" (which for most plastics is 450 years in a landfill vs 12min useful life).

To check out our data from our dives against debris - check our Kayla’s Project AWARE page ;

And don’t forget to … rethink your relationship with plastic.