Diver Propulsion Vehicles at SALT

New Specialty Offering just in time for the summer!

underwater scooter dpv salt dive dominica scuba diving.jpg

Diver Propulsion Vehicles are a pretty cool way to experience the ocean. Take the PADI DPV Specialty Course to learn how to operate a DPV safely and proficiently. Have your DPV specialty certification … add DPV rental to your dive package purchase for $100/day or $600/week! DPV certification is a pre-requisite for DPV rental in many places (just like it is here) so why not do it in beautiful Dominica?

Our DPVs come with go-pro camera mounts whether you bring your own or rent one of ours you will be amazed at the videos you can capture while zipping around on one of these underwater scooters! DPVs allow us to dive bay to bay, and explore more of our stunning walls and scattered reefs, you will love the free flying feeling of diving on a sea scooter!

Find out how you can try a DPV as an adventure dive or part of your advanced course (as an add on) before committing to the certification by sending us a message or visiting the Advanced Course Page

Jr Open Water Divers age 12 and up are invited to join our DPV related courses.

The maximum ratio for during DPV dives (and courses) with SALT is 1 DPV Instructor or Guide to 2 Divers.

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DPV Courses & Rentals will begin July 1