5 Ways certified divers can participate in AWARE Week 2019

We’ve got such big plans for all our divers & non divers for AWARE Week 2019 and we don’t want anyone to miss out below you will learn about the 5 ways certified divers can participate in AWARE Week 2019 !

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September 15 - Coral Reef Day Part 1 - To start off our Coral Reef Appreciation Day We will be holding workshops for divers & non divers, but only our divers are invited to join the dives after each of the classroom sessions! Our first class will be a primer on Coral & Coral Reefs from anatomy to their importance, you will learn to identify some of our local corals, threats to coral & how we can protect our reefs. After the workshop certified divers are invited to join us for a dive where we will be identifying Boulder, Branching, Plate & Soft corals and leaving some markers for the coral watch divers in the afternoon! 

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Coral Health Survey

and coral watch specialty certification

September 15 - Coral Reef Day Part 2 - Coral Watch (Coral Health Survey) First take part in the Coral Watch Workshop on land then participate in the Coral Heath Survey Dives. During these survey dives you will get to use the coral health chart to record the darkest and lightest color of our previously identified corals after each dive we will submit our findings to Coral Watch

Divers participating in either Coral Reef AWAREness day workshops & dives can earn both their Coral Reef Conservation Certification & Coral Watch Certification for an additional $25 eac

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Splash Day!

2 for 1 dive

Sept 21 Splash Day - Open Boat for Certified Divers - 2 Dives for the price of 1 ($200 ECD / $75 USD) Add on any ONE of the following Specialty Certifications for only $50 (USD) *Fish Identification *Peak Performance Buoyancy *Project AWARE Specialist. This is a great opportunity to increase your AWARE status with one of these conservation minded specialties or just enjoy 2 for 1 dives this SPLASH DAY ONLY!

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Lionfish Hunt

Sept 22 - Lionfish Hunt! Early in the morning before it gets too bright - join us at one of our favorite hunting spots to catch our BBQ lunch! We will report these numbers of invasive lionfish to REEF as part of their effort to get regional and global data. This dive is $150 ECD per person/ $55 USD)

dive against debris.jpg

Dive Against Debris

Sept 22 - Dive Against Debris- We will be doing 2 Dive Against Debris dives Against Debris one at our Adopt A Dive Site Cabrits Jetty, and the other at (location TBA). Just like splash day we will be offering these dive against debris dives at $200 ECD / $75 USD - 2 dives for the price of 1 (single dives are still $150) As always we will sort our debris and report it to Project AWARE via the mobile app so we can do it together on site! After dive 2 we will join our hikers for a family style BBQ where everyone can mingle, talk trash and celebrate their action for the ocean & environment! We will have some prizes for divers & non divers who have participated throughout the week so don’t miss out on the closing ceremony!