How to live AWARE After AWARE Week

1. Continue your dive education - whether or not you are certified yet, there is an opportunity waiting to continue your dive education. Enhance your connection to the ocean by spending time submersed in it, taking your advanced, rescue or specialty certification courses. Each course will bring greater value to your diving experiences, giving you new skills, time with an instructor to hone basic skills, trying new things, and accessing sites that less experienced / qualified divers are restricted from. 

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2. Continue your conservation education - we offer several conservation courses many of which are open to non divers and do not have an in water component. For divers - the Dive Against Debris certification and dives will enable to you do more with your dives by cleaning up debris and reporting it to the world’s largest diver only debris removal database! Coral Watch - Health Survey is for divers & non divers but does require an in water session where you take the knowledge you will learn in our classroom and apply it to an actual coral health survey! Project AWARE Specialist & Coral Reef Conservation Specialties are offered to divers and non divers but do not require any in-water activity. You can learn more about the ocean environment and the importance of each and every one of us taking action for the underwater world! 

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3. Follow Project AWARE’s 10 tips or at least try to embody one tip each month. It can be something simple like being not touching the reef when you are swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or sea bathing, or making responsible seafood (and even produce) choices. Before you know it you will see these 10 tips permeating your life, and in acting as a role model for ocean activism you will be spreading Project AWARE’s message 

4 Join My Ocean and stay a part of the Project AWARE global community. You will have access to tools, data, and ocean activists around the world which makes it easy to keep your commitment to the ocean!

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