5 Ways to participate in AWARE Week as a non-diver! 

You’ve heard of AWARE Week, seen the photos from last year, and maybe even read the blog about all the cool offerings for certified divers. You want to participate in AWARE Week but you aren’t a scuba diver so you don’t know if it’s possible. WELL OF COURSE IT IS, Here we highlight 5 ways you can participate in AWARE Week at SALT Dive in Dominica without a scuba certification!

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September 14 2019

Movie night has no restrictions, divers and non divers, people of all ages are welcome to this free screening night! We will be presenting a few short films created by and featuring our local Pay it Forward Program participants followed by the feature presentation; Mission Blue - The life and legacy of oceanographer, marine biologist, and conservationist Sylvia Earle. Join us to experience what a life spent in service of the ocean really looks like, hear from her mouth how she has seen first hand how much the world’s oceans and the problems facing it have changed. Challenge yourself to follow your passions, bolster them with hard work, and don’t be afraid of changing the world! 





September 15 2019

Want to take part in some hands on workshops and even earn a non dive specialty certification? Want to work side by side with divers to survey, and monitor a variety of corals in Toucari Bay? This workshop is comprised of 4 parts, 2 ‘beach classroom’ sessions, and 2 opportunities to get in the water and put into practice your new knowledge and skills. First join us for Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Class where you will learn;  The coral basics like what they are and how they function, Why coral reefs are so important to us and the ocean, about the many threats facing coral reefs locally and globally, and what you can do to prevent their further decline. You may join us for an optional snorkel or shallow water wade after the classroom session to get a closer look at corals & coral reefs. To receive certification for this specialty there are no in water requirements! The second opportunity of the day will be the Coral Watch Workshop & Specialty Certification Class. During this class you will look more closely at the differences between the 4 main structure types of coral that we monitor, How to use the Coral Health Chart, How to identify different types of coral distress or disease and how to report it. The classroom workshop will be followed by a dive/ snorkel survey to collect actual data on our shallow reef corals in Toucari Bay! Only snorkelers and divers are eligible for this certification but anyone can take part in the classroom / workshop portion of the course. 




Sept 21 2019

Splash Day - Sept 21 2019 - So maybe you are interested in scuba, you’ve decided you should really just try it for yourself instead of dreaming about it or letting movies scare you out of trying something new! Let’s introduce you to breathing underwater and scuba diving at our monthly SplashDay event. That’s right, the 3rd Saturday of every month we have open registration Discover Scuba Diving classes and this month is no different. Take the opportunity to sign up for Discover Scuba for only $50 you will learn the basics of breathing compressed air, equalizing the pressure in your ears, and how to use the equipment you are presented with, then we get into the water to blow bubbles and see fish, complete with shallow reef or jetty dive! 

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Against Debris

Sept 22 2019

Hike/Walk Against Debris - Sept 22 2019, While our divers are participating in an underwater cleanup you might be wondering what you can do … we’ve got an entire activity just for our non divers! You will register at one location *TBD, where you will be given a collection bag, you will hike/walk to a designated finish location where there will be a specified collection point for all rubbish. Drop off you trash bag at this collection point to pick up your meal ticket for our Family style BBQ (participants eat free, drinks for sale) where you can mingle with divers & non divers that all care about our local environment! 

Donate / Tell a Friend - It’s as simple as that if you can’t make it to one of our events or aren’t located in proximity to a dive operation taking action for the ocean during AWARE Wee! You can click the link below to donate directly to Project AWARE so that they can keep inspiring, educating & empowering communities around the world!