1 Day: 2 Day Dives , 1 Night Dive

1 Day: 2 Day Dives , 1 Night Dive

from 235.00

Double Day Dive + Night Dive !

Best of both worlds, Check out some of our incredible sites during the day, then revisit one of them on a night dive with us! This package is a standard Shore Dive Package which takes place in Toucari Bay.

Schedule Options

9am-12pm - Double Dive + 5:30pm Night Dive (this option allows for a break to go eat lunch, relax on the beach, take a nap etc)

2:30pm Double Dive + Night Dive (this option is great if you just want to stay salty!)

Add on u/v light for a NEON night dive experience for only $10 more, or add a boat for all dives for $100 more.

This option is for certified divers only - these dives must take place on the same day for this package.

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