Check-out Dive

Check-out Dive


This item is not meant to be purchased alone.

If you are participating in one of the following specialty dives and do not currently hold a certification for this specialty, and do not have logged experience with an instructor or dive professional in this area of diving within the last 6 months, a checkout dive is required.

  • Wreck Dive

  • Night Dive

  • Lionfish Hunt

  • Deep Dives (must hold advanced & deep diver specialty - contact for details)

The checkout dive is a reef dive in which you will show basic understanding of your gear above and below the surface, your personal Instructor or Divemaster will assess your skill level and make any suggestions, or changes based on what they see. This will better prepare our crew to cater to your current level of diving, help you become a better diver and make sure you have the most fun on your specialty dive!

If you are purchasing a dive package, this add on is not needed, a checkout dive is included as your first dive.

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