The conservacation package includes your choice of 3 specialty certifications (with project AWARE cert card) or specialty dives that revolve around conservation, The package also Invites you to step inside our local recycling workshop to see what happens to our plastic waste once we’ve collected it from our dive sites.

Contact for Scheduling /Duration Details / Gear Requirements -etc.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty - Get your buoyancy on point with this neutral buoyancy intensive - we will work on breathing techniques, pin pointing how much weight you need to dive neutral, and hovering in different positions! The better control you have over you body positioning and neutral buoyancy the better prepared to help save our reefs, and the less damage you will do to them yourself!

Dive Against Debris Specialty - Learn how to identify and remove marine debris from our reefs, seagrasses and sandy bottoms, then report what we find to Project AWARE joining divers all over the world in creating the largest database of its kind and the only database focusing on what DIVERS find !

Coral Watch Specialty - learn how to identify healthy, distressed, bleaching, and dead coral, record findings, report findings to Coral Watch / University of Queensland to assist in worldwide monitoring of our reef health.

Lionfish Hunt - learn how to identify and successfully hunt these invasive fish using a pole spear & zookeeper! At the end of the dive we will teach you to properly clean them avoiding their hazardous barbs (you may keep your lionfish to cook or leave it for us to donate)


  • all materials

  • rental gear (mask, fins, snorkel, bcd, regulator, tanks & weights)

  • certification processing & project AWARE card & Donation made in your honor

  • Recycle Rebuild Turtle Keychain & Donation made in your honor

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