DPV/ Sea-Scooter Dive

DPV/ Sea-Scooter Dive

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Diver Propulsion Vehicles (DPVs) or Sea Scooters are tons of fun, you can get around faster with less effort and cover more area on a single dive! SALT Dive is the only operation in Dominica with sea scooters and we love to share the fun with our divers!

DPV Specialty Certification is REQUIRED to participate in our DPV Dives. You can take this course with us at SALT in just one day over 2 dives. SIGN UP FOR THE DPV SPECIALTY CERTIFICATION COURSE HERE.

Once you are DPV Certified you can rent a DPV by the day or week to go with your dive package.

If you are buying just a single or double dive for 1 day use the options below. If you are purchasing a dive package HERE, you may choose daily or weekly DPV rental add on.

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