Earth Day - Adopt A Dive Site - Dive Against Debris

Earth Day - Adopt A Dive Site - Dive Against Debris

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Join us for our Earth Day celebration at Cabrits National Park - where we will clean the beach and our Adopt A Dive Site location the- Cabrits Jetty. These are dedicated dive against debris dives for certified divers holding an (Jr) Open Water Certification (- equivalent or higher)

Dive against Debris participants will receive a recycle rebuild turtle keychain for their participation and help in removing marine debris from our precious environment !

After each dive we will sort, count and report the marine debris we find to project aware so you can see your hard work turn into hard data!

Divers are welcome to stay and participate in beach cleanup activities after their dives / reporting.

SINGLE DIVE OPTION IS ONLY APPLICABLE FOR FIRST DIVE OF THE DAY ! Divers are asked to arrive at 9:30 am to take care of paperwork / gear etc.

  • By Participating in this event donations will be made in your honor to Project AWARE and Recycle Rebuild - with your support our community recycling center and closed loop cleanups will continue to be sustainable and provide education, opportunity, jobs and do our part to clean the ocean - and with our reporting help the world get a better idea of how we as divers experience marine debris.

Participation in the beach cleanup is free, and donations can be made to project aware & recycle rebuild at the event, and Recycle Rebuild Turtles, Coasters & Jewelry will also be for sale at the event.


  • 1 or 2 GROUP dives with professional divemaster & instructor

  • mask, snorkel, fins, bcd, regulator, tank(s), weights

  • snacks & water

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