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SALT- Toucari Bay - Dominica

Rethink your relationship with The Sea.


DIve - Eat - Retreat

Thinking about visiting Dominica and interested in a unique scuba experience?  We encourage you to contact us at SALT! We are a conservation and education-based dive center providing a full array of PADI courses ranging from Discover Scuba and Open Water Scuba Diver for first timers, to professional courses for those looking to take their diving to the next level. 

For certified divers, we also offer Project AWARE continuing education specialty courses.  These certifications help participants become more aware of the most pressing problems facing vulnerable aquatic environments and what everyday actions you can take to help protect them. Please inquire about our courses. We also offer Coral Watch Surveys, Dive Against Debris dives and more!

At SALT we take things a step further, and provide a little something extra with all dive packages. We think every dive is an opportunity. We look forward to enlightening guests about our marine conservation efforts and local ecosystem, fish, corral and sponge identification all while becoming better, safer divers.

Book your Dominica Dive trip at SALT today!

Individuals and families welcome. Or, if traveling with a group, contact us about group rates, multi-discipline wellness retreats, and long term stays.


SALT Calendar: Scheduled Classes & EVENTS


1-4 days

LEarn To Dive!


Learn to dive with PADI at SALT!

Have you been dreaming of breathing underwater and making friends with fish? This is your invitation to the underwater world! 

At SALT we teach several entry level courses to fit our students needs. Whether you just want to try it out, want to start, or are ready to go for your Open Water Certification, we are here to teach you! With over a decade of experience as a PADI Instructor, SALT Owner & Head Instructor, Kayla loves introducing new divers to the underwater world, watching people take their first breaths on scuba, becoming neutrally buoyant for the first time, and hearing all about it when they surface! 

Take a look at our current entry level course offerings to see which may be right for you! 

We even teach children as young as 8 years of age (maturity permitting) and love teaching families together!

Make your first underwater experience a memorable one by learning to dive at SALT! 


Entry Level CourseS

  • Discover Scuba Diving (3hrs): in water class + open water dive (no certification)
  • Scuba Diver (2 days + at home study): homework + in water class + open water dives (most basic certification)
  • Open Water Diver (3-4 days) : homework + in water class + open water dives (standard certification)
  • All courses include PADI materials and gear rental for the class
  • Certification courses come with Project AWARE Certification Card

                                             PADI/Project Aware Dives,

                                            Courses & certifications 

               Keep Diving! 



Already certified and looking to take your diving to the next level? Ready to become a better navigator ? to dive deeper ? explore specialties or learn to manage dive accidents? Whatever your experience level we've got a PADI course, Project AWARE course or distinctive specialty for you! 

Become a better diver, learn more about the aquatic environment and how to protect it all through our continuing education programs! 


Continuing Education courses INCLUDE:

  • Project AWARE Specialties
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
  • PADI Rescue Diver
  • Specialties include: Boat Diver, Deep Diver, Drift Diver, Fish ID, Night Diver, Underwater photography / videography & more!





Conservation is key to our operations at SALT, take your diving or vacation to the next level with conservation based dive packages and specialties. Make every dive count, help survey, research, preserve, rehabilitate & restore the marine environment through each and every dive, and certification at SALT! 




Dives & Courses Include

  • Dive Against Debris (Clean Up Dives & Specialty Course) 
  • Coral Watch (Survey Dives & Specialty Course)
  • Surface Interval Beach Cleanups
  • Lionfish Hunt (Sustainable Fishing on Scuba)
  • Project AWARE Specialty Courses
  • 100% AWARE Partner - all certifications at SALT get Project AWARE certification cards.  
  • COMING SOON - Coral First Aid

ready to join the ambassadors to the ocean

Groups & Packages

indian river beach cleanup.jpg

Have a group? ready To travel? 

Bring a group of 6-10 people for special deals on accommodations, meals, dives and even discounted courses! At this time we cannot accommodate groups larger than 10 people.

Camping in Toucari also available for those interested in a more rugged and economical accommodation, please contact us for pricing and camping arrangements.


All groups welcome

Are you a Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach, Work Group, Family or any other group interested in bringing your practice, class, or group to Dominica ? We can help create a space for you to lead your own activities and can offer dives or dive training as a supplementary or secondary activity to those you offer. Please contact us for more information on retreat collaboration.



Certified Divers

naz dives.jpg

Certified Diver ... Coming to Dominica? 

We've got you covered, with our same conservation/education first approach to dives, we take you on a tour of the spectacular reefs, walls, and wrecks of  the North West of Dominica. 


All Certifications welcome

Doesn't matter if you were certified by PADI, NAUI, SSI, CMAS, etc - show us your cert card and let's go diving!

We offer shore dives in Toucari Bay, Douglas Bay and Prince Rupert Bay and with enough notice we can accommodate up to 6 divers by boat.





Rethink your relationship with The Sea.