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A partnership between SALT & Taylor Lynn Foundation

Pay It Forward Program

The Taylor Lynn Foundation has a great way to help fund opportunities for youth through micro-grants, instead of asking kids & teens to pay back the grants, they are instead asked to ‘pay it forward. We have teamed up with TLF to offer an exclusive opportunity in Dominica; the Pay it Forward Program.

pay it forward: “To respond to a person's kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.”

The Pay it Forward Program offers free scuba certification courses to 4 eligible candidates, in exchange they come up with a project that has a positive social/community impact.

Students aged 12-18 are encouraged to complete our Application, 4 eligible students will be chosen each month to learn to dive while they complete their ‘pay it forward’ project.

For more information on How you can become a participant click the ‘apply now’ link below.

If you are interested in supporting the program you can join our exclusive patreon community by clicking the ‘Support the program’ button below:

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a partnership with the

Portsmouth recycling project


We’ve been working closely with recycle rebuild since their inception, now that ReRe has left the island, we continue our partnership with the portsmouth recycling project. All plastics from our beach and underwater cleanup activities go directly to Recycle Rebuild where it is sorted, cleaned and recycled into key chains, jewelry & coasters with more products in development. Every dollar spent on a product goes directly back to the workshop in Dominica where locals are employed at every level. This initiative brings opportunities for education and SALT is proud to teach alongside the recycling team about the perils of marine debris, the role plastic plays and how organizations like Recycle Rebuild and entities like the Recycling Project in Portsmouth can create solutions & opportunities.