Our Salty Passports

When Richard and I moved to Dominica almost 2 years ago, we planned to chronicle our adventures and process leading towards our goal of a sustainable home & business on island. We did that through OurSaltyPassports.com - which was basically a blog that shared our journey, our mishaps, our re-education as we learned how to navigate life and the landscape of Dominica both physically and figuratively. A lot happened from the time the blog began until our last update in September of 2018.

Between Hurricane Marie and Receiving our Watersports License for SALT we were organizing and hosting events like Woman’s Dive Day, AWARE Week, Conservation Movie Nights etc Richard, the rest of our team and I worked day and night to get our necessary gear and equipment to the island, and set up shop so we could do all the things we set out to do. Simultaneously we began construction on our physical location in the village of Toucari.

Since we officially opened for business in September we have been hard at work doing exactly what we came here to do - teach scuba diving, create and mentor eco-conscious and qualified divers and create opportunities within our community for personal and career development through scuba & marine conservation education! Which unfortunately doesn’t leave much time for blogging!

After Hurricane Maria Our Salty Passports became a slogan, it became synonymous with proactive approach to marine conservation and community outreach, and we want to keep it that way.

So instead of keeping the blog alive on it’s own we will be moving the blog here, and updated with a community driven approach, with updates on our projects, activities, participants and perhaps occasionally a blog from a guest contributor. Blog topics will include; scuba lifestyle, marine conservation, our projects, our student’s projects, and other topics relating to this SALTy life!


Kayla R.

Kayla Rognlie