Pay it Forward Projects

We currently have several students enrolled in our Pay it Forward Program at various stages in their projects, scuba courses and continuing education.

To help inspire other teens out there who might be thinking of applying for the Pay it Forward Program, we figured we would list some of the pay it forward projects that got them accepted to the program.

  • Flyer on Coral Health - Alisha - researched for, designed and printed thousands of flyers which she has presented and hands out around the island spreading awareness about the threats to our coral reefs and how we can protect / preserve them!

  • Presentation on Invasive Lionfish - Sam & Shayla together researched lionfish, and explain in their presentation where they are from, why they are a problem here and how we can curb the population from overwhelming our reefs!

  • Video on Local Fish - Shervona & Shaun have been filming and editing their own video to raise awareness about the interesting fish we have in our reefs. They think it is a shame that people live on and island and only know about the fish they eat!

  • Making Reusable Shopping Bags - Gianah - is sewing shopping bags for people to use instead of plastic bags! These reusable bags will help raise awareness of the single use problem and the hazards of throw away culture.

We’ve got a few other projects in the works like a Trash Scavenger Hunt Event and a video on Ghost Gear.. and we can’t wait to see what our future Pay it Forward Participants come up with!

Not all projects need to include a presentation, please feel free to visit us in the shop to discuss your ideas for pay it forward projects if you are unsure of how you want to pay it forward or how to make your project happen!

Summer time is the perfect time to apply! That way you have plenty of time to work on your project and whichever scuba course you have applied for!

Stay Salty!


The graphic used during SAM & SHAYLA’s lionfish presentation

The graphic used during SAM & SHAYLA’s lionfish presentation